Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Canon Rebel T6: A Comprehensive Review

The Canon Rebel T6 is the entry-level ‘DSLR’ or ‘Digital Single-Lens Reflex’ camera. With this type of camera, many people start their journey to become a professional photographer. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera is also known as EOS 1300D for the markets present outside the USA. This camera has become one of the most popular devices among students, beginners or someone who is new to DSLR photography because of the decent pricing.

However, there are not many major upgrades to this camera than its predecessor, the Canon EOS Rebel T5. There are many new features available with this camera. Some of those features are as follows – “APS-C CMOS sensor”, “DIGIC 4+ processor”, “3-inch screen”, “1080p video recording” and etc.

Take a Look at the Advanced Features of Canon Rebel T6:

As mentioned earlier that this DSLR camera does not have any important upgrades, but there are some new features. Here, you will get detailed information about all the features of this device.


The main feature upgrade of the Rebel T6 camera is it’s brand new ‘DIGIC 4+’ image processor. This processor helps to increase the quality of the image because it shortens the processing that any high-ISO needs for fast picture capturing.

The DIGIC 4+ processor, due to its fast processing speed and capability, handles all functionalities of the Canon Rebel T6 camera. Moreover, it produces pictures with very low noise along with a good color output.

ISO Range from 100-6400

This camera has a huge ISO range from 100 to 6400, which is expandable up to the H: 12800. Due to this big light sensitivity range, you can shoot any objects present in very low or high lighting conditions without any kind of issues.

With the help of this huge ISO range, sometimes you might not need to use the flash to capture the picture of a thing. Therefore, you will get more natural-looking and clear pictures.

NFC Technology

Even though the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is an entry-level camera, then also you get many advanced features. One such good feature is the NFC or Near Field Communication. The NFC is a standard that is based on a short-range wireless connectivity technology.

With the help of this technology within this camera, you can share or transfer pictures from the camera to any compatible Android phones. In order to do that, just touch the compatible phone with the camera body and the transfer of files will occur.

You can even transfer pictures present within the camera to the Canon Connect Station CS100 by tapping the camera.

Wi-Fi Technology

There is another way to present within the Rebel T6 camera that helps you to share all your photos and videos, using in-built Wi-Fi. Using this technology, you can connect your phone, laptop, printers wirelessly to the camera and transfer any files between them.

Nine-Point Auto Focus Mode

The Rebel T6 camera has a 9-point autofocus feature that provides an always correct focus even when the camera is in landscape or portrait position. Since this feature also has center cross-type AF point, thus the camera can shoot or capture a moment as soon as it occurs. Depending upon the aperture opening and the availability of light, this AF feature uses the casual and high-precision focus in an intelligent way. Thus, the images that this camera captures are quite clear and sharp.

Optical Viewfinder

In order to see the object that you want to capture, there is an optical viewfinder available with the Canon Rebel T6 camera. This viewfinder actually allows you to see what the lens is actually looking at. Another advantage of the optical viewfinder is that it lets you hold the camera steadily, thus any pictures that the device captures are very sharp and clear.

Scene Intelligent Auto Mode

The Scene Intelligent Auto mode feature is the one present within the EOS Rebel T6 camera that helps to give out precise exposure. This feature basically consists of ‘Auto Lighting Optimizer’, ‘Automatic Exposure’, ‘Picture Style Auto’ and etc. Also, it helps to analyze the image and then capture it.

In other words, what you can say is that the Scene Intelligent Auto mode allows you to put your complete focus on creating great images without going through the settings manually.

Mode for Full High Definition Movie

The EOS Rebel T6 camera has a mode to capture video in full high definition. There are multiple numbers of recording sizes and frame rates. The highest recording size that this camera can support is ‘1920 x 1080’.

To start capturing videos, you can press an exclusive ‘Movie Recording or Live View’ button present on the camera. This camera also lets you manually control the exposure, focus and edit the video within the device itself. Due to its wide ISO range, you can record videos in various lighting conditions with ease.

Along with this feature, there is another one present within this camera which is ‘Video Snapshot’. This new feature allows you to capture short videos and then conjugate them into a single file like an album.

The album that the ‘Video Snapshot’ feature has created does not need any kind of editing, therefore you can share this compiled video online instantly.

Big 3-inch LCD Screen

The Canon Rebel T6 camera is equipped with a big LCD screen that is of size 3-inch. This kind of display within a camera is quite useful as it helps you to capture, compose images right after taking a shot. Even, you can show the image to someone with the help of this display.

The screen present within this camera has high resolution along with the 920000 dots. The screen within the camera is really helpful for you at the time of shooting a video and to see the various camera functions like ‘ISO’, Flash options’, etc.

Compatible Lenses

The Rebel T6 camera is compatible with all the lenses from both the EF and EF-S lineup. The lenses present within these lineup allows you to capture all kinds of pictures starting from micro to macro images. The varieties of lenses that this lineup offers range from ultra-wide-angle in one end to the super-telephoto in the other.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Canon Rebel T6 camera is not extremely good or bad but is decent as it drains completely after you have taken 500 shots. However, if you make more videos in high definition, instead of taking still shots, then the charge will be consumed more quickly.

Physical Construction

The overall construction of the Canon Rebel T6 camera is top-notch. The body of this device is made with polycarbonate material so it is sturdy. Although the body is good, the design of this device hasn’t been altered hugely if you compare it with the previous model i.e Rebel T5.

This device has a column-like area on the right edge where you can grab and hold the camera with your one hand. On the right side of this device, there will be most of the controls, thus you can take a picture with one hand only.

Since there are many functionalities available with this device, therefore the weight is 485 grams. Thus, to hold it in one hand to shoot pictures will be a problem after you take a couple of pictures.

It is not recommended to hold this device in a single hand and then take a picture, as the image can come out as shaky.

Camera Performance

The performance of the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is quite good as per the user’s experiences. Here you will get details about them with respect to every feature.


In terms of handling, this device performs well but in order to get to some more advanced settings, you need fiddle with the button present on the right side of the camera.

Since all the controls are on the right side of the device, therefore you can handle the device easily with your single hand. The battery of this device has a tab that allows you to remove that thing from the charger easily.


The ‘Autofocus’ feature within this camera performs very well as it concentrates on the subject in any type of lighting condition. However, if the environment where you are shooting has very low light, then this feature can struggle to focus on a certain subject.

When you focus on a certain subject, then 9 points will light up with red dots along the edge of that subject on the finder. This will help you to easily shoot with the Rebel T6 camera.


The finder that is present within this camera is very bright and crisp. Along with that, this finder also shows the various information using big green digits and bar graphs.

However, with that said, the size of this finder is not very big when compared with any other cameras. Therefore, if you tend to use the finder more, then the small finder can give some problems in the long run.


The exposure of this camera is one of the most accurate like the rest of other Canon. Thus, other than the 2/3, there is no need for you to use the exposure.

Auto White Balance

A feature Auto White Balance works very well. This feature has two distinct choices which are as follows – ‘AUTO: Normal’ and ‘WHITE PRIORITY’. The first choice is that the light of tungsten remains warm, whereas the second one makes the image white even under the tungsten light.

Automatic ISO

You can program the automatic ISO and increase up to the ISO 6400. However, the default ISO is 3200. The speed of the shutter can be increased, but it cannot be decreased. The automatic ISO always chooses the slowest shutter speed on its own.

Quality of Images

Since the Canon Rebel T6 camera has a slightly fast processor i.e DIGIC 4+ present within it, therefore the images taken by this camera, process faster than the previous generation camera ‘Rebel T5’ with the DIGIC 4 processor. Even though the processor has been upgraded with this camera, there is no change in the main sensor.

The images that you capture in ‘Raw’ format with this camera have low contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. This lets you process the image in any way. In order to process the ‘Raw’ images, there is a ‘Digital Photo Professional’ application that came along with the  Rebel T6 camera.

If you capture images with the T6 camera in ‘JPEG’ file format, then the quality of those files are better than the ones that are taken in ‘Raw’ as they are processed by the camera itself. All the processed images in ‘JPEG’ file format have a good amount of saturation, contrast, brightness, etc.

The image quality of this camera is the best in ‘JPEG’ format with the ISO range between 100 to 3200. The quality degrades only after the ISO 6400.

In order to get the best quality images, it is recommended to take any pictures in ‘Raw’ format and then tweak that according to your preferences. Doing this will certainly increase any details present within images.

Final Words

From the lens performance perspective of this camera, it can be said that there are many good devices out there. But, one of the biggest takeaways of the Canon Rebel T6 is that it provides both the ‘NFC’, ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘WiFi’ connectivity which allows you to share photos on the go and very easily.

If you are upgrading to the DSLR category from the smartphone or any digital cameras, then this device is the best choice as it gives you good images at a very reasonable cost than any of its competitors in the market.