The Complete List Of The Top 12 Programming Languages

To be the best at what you do, you should know what you are doing. In the rapidly growing coding industry, if you don’t have the right skill along with the right tool, you may dump out the screen.

To put it simply, if you are looking for a long-term career in the coding industry, then you must know the trending programming languages. To sustain in this competitive world of coding, you need to have skills. But, the right coding language can always make it even easier for you.

So, now what language or tool you should use to nail the other competitor? Don’t worry, here are our top list of 12 programming languages you should be using.

1. JavaScript

In our catalog, JavaScript tops the list. You can call it the primary language of coding, most widely used among the coders.

It is very popular for creating the websites. The language is most powerful and dynamic and commonly used to write a script for web games. It is closely related to the C language, almost 90% of the web pages are based on this language. JavaScript is compatible with nearly all the browser.  

The language is pretty common and popular among the coder from around the world. You can write cool scripts for online games through this coding language.

2. Python

In our second pick, we are introducing the most advanced level coding language Python. The language is most commonly used for general purpose, the language is simple and easy to read.

It is a very close form of language and a strong root for web frameworks. A most preferred tool for programming desktop programmes and computation activity.

Python is a very flexible language, due to this characteristics, you can make an application and programme for almost all the operating system by using this coding language. World most famous tech giants like Google, NASA, Reddit and many more uses this language for their website.

Python logo

3. Java

Java is the most adopted programming language used by almost all the developers and millions of devices have this scripted in it. It is an object-oriented language and it is designed to be portable with almost all the platforms.

Java language can be used in any operating system and any devices. It is also used to develop Android Apps, Desktop Apps, and also video games. This coding language is compatible with almost all the users and coders around the world are comfortable with this language.

4. Ruby

This language is the most dynamic basic general purpose and object-oriented programming language. This language supports various areas that include, functional and object-oriented and imperative.

In the year 2016, Ruby was featured in the best top 10 programming languages, and as a matter of fact, it is still in the preferred list for many startup organization, developers.

5. PHP

Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP) is a server-side programming language. You can use this language to create web pages that are written in the HTML language.

Today, more than 80% of the websites including Wikipedia and Facebook using this language to build their website. It is the most popular language to the new developer for its easy to use techniques. Not only that, the language also offers a lot of features to an experienced programmer.

6. C++

This language is based on the C language, the programming language is the most basic form of coding. The language is preferred in most of the desktop applications used on a regular basis.

It has the object-oriented feature and also the generic programming feature. The language is very powerful and used to build high-performance system software, game engines and also web apps. A large portion of Windows is also written in the C++ language.

7. CSS

Its the abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheet, the content written in HTML language can be formatted by using the CSS language. You can change the content layout, color and font using this language.

The code is designed to change the format and style of the content. In this way, you can make the content more accessible and also you can format the documents which are needed to be polished.

CSS3 logo

8. C#

C# is the modern, simple and object-oriented programming language. The programme is designed for basically developing software components suitable for deployment purpose.

The C# language is the leading language for .NET application featured by Microsoft organization. Ever since the .NET applications are becoming the open-source development platform, now you can use the language in the non-windows platform. In the last release, the language is packed up with many advanced level features.

9. Go

The language is developed by Google it is the open source programming language. It has an excellent standard library, moreover, it is great with all task and the programmes as well.  

Being the product from Google, it receives a good deal of support from its parent corporation. The leading sites that use this language for their websites are youtube, Netflix, Adobe.

10. C

C is the simplified version of C++, less functionality and performs a very basic level of coding.  The language is compiled and procedural in nature primarily designed in 1972.

There is no doubt that this is the oldest coding programme. But still, this language is widely used to design the basic computer programmes. Even the language can be used for writing other languages.

11. TypeScript

Powered by the Microsoft, this is open source coding language.  It is a synthetic replica of JavaScript, adds optional static typing to the language. The language can be used to develop the application from the server side or client side.

12. Swift

Swift is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world of coding making a history. The language developed and maintained by the Apple organization. The code can be used to develop the applications for iOS, Mac or other iOS devices.

It is relatively fast and hassle-free, and also able to reduce the length of the code. That, in turn, help you to save your energy and time.

Another important aspect of the language is this is an open source programming language. So, if the developers want, it is possible to develop the code in windows or Linux system.

Swift logo

Final Thought

So, these are the tools you need to know if you are looking for a career in a coding industry then you should be using these programming tools. There other notable mentions Scala, Shell, and Objective-C these are also important names in the field of coding.

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