Smart Classrooms and How Integration Of Robotics and Coding Will Change It

Technology is intertwined with every aspect of our life and culture. It influences how we live, work and even learn. Schools have embraced the technological wave. As a result, the world witnessed an incredible blend of artificial intelligence and the human mind. Over the time, technological miracles have changed the classroom scenario. It helped the young minds to be more innovative and creative.

The blessings of technology in education

Whether the technology is showing a new path or just an intruder in education is a long debate. However, the benefits of technology in education cannot be ignored. First of all, youth these days are glued to their smartphones and gadgets. Reaching the youth through technology is easier than the traditional teaching methods. Educational applications can help the students in learning if used properly.

Accordingly, integration of technology and education can connect the students in a better way. Everyone has their own way of learning. Since tech-based learning is more personalized it can overcome the problems of learning style. It also enhances the scope of communication between students as well as collaboration.

Further, technology allows the students to develop digital citizenship skills. This not only increases the engagement of the students but also teach them how to use technology. An overlap of virtual reality and classroom successfully captured the attention of the students. This is creating a new opportunity and erasing the boundaries of time and space.

Technology is bringing the most updated information available at your fingertips. Finally, simulation software, active engagement with learning materials, debating and learning real-world issues are opening a new gate to the students.


Integration of robotics in the classroom

The traditional model of learning was quite passive. Technology made the classroom a place to unfurl the ideas. It is taking the place of the motivator and a guide. Again, it is making the students responsible. Owning a device includes using it carefully and taking care of it. This simple drill is helping the new generation to be more accountable. Moreover, technology has transformed the entire experience of learning. This got a new push with the introduction of robotics and coding in the classroom.

Robotics and Coding

In simple words, coding the written instructions that a computer program of robot read and execute. To make a robot complete a task, you have to design the code accordingly. Robotics allow the students to execute their ideas and thinking. This builds a practical knowledge that the students gain through trial and error. Robotics and coding help to develop a critical and unique way of thinking. Coding and Robotics made the digital world tangible.

Robotics shaping up the Schools

A few years ago we can’t even imagine a robotics in the classroom. And now schools are arranging robotics camps. Schools have started this on a small scale. This introduction to programming is enhancing the skills of the students. ¬†Learning to program a robot is an excellent skill. Further, the complex programming and algorithms open a new dimension for the students. At the same time, students are enjoying learning to its fullest.

Accordingly, both the teachers and students are interacting with robots. This is providing one to one personalize learning and increasing the scopes for a better future. It is increasing the attendance. Robotics works like a psychological factor here. Students are finding their importance in the classroom and therefore becoming more committed towards it.

Exposure to progressive technology

With the introduction of robotics, students are getting exposure to progressive technology. This is overcoming the limitations of bookish knowledge. Further, it is opening a gate to the issues of real-world. At the same time, dealing with problems on your own and learning from the mistakes is bringing out the true potentials of the students. Students are discovering their interests in mechanics, 3D printing, and coding. Robotics is cultivating new ideas and helping students to find their passion in the subjects they didn’t even know about.

A Global Classroom

Robotics has opened a new gate to the world. It integrated the entire world inside the classroom. Now the students are learning to think globally and act locally. Moreover, a global view, the cross-cultural idea is opening up in front of the students. They are learning to compete with the world. Students are exploring different pathways of learning. On one hand, robotics is teaching them to learn their position in the global scenario.  While on the other hand, it is leading towards a community involvement.

smart classroom

Robotics Teaching the students about teamwork and leadership

Robotics not only develop skills but the values. Students are developing the importance of teamwork with it. For example, Twitch the five-feet classroom robot has gained popularity on Twitter. Twitch is a robot who has a Twitter account. The students note and record his daily activities and update them on Twitter.

This has increased the sense of responsibility and teamwork among the students. At the same time, students are developing leadership quality with the help of robotics. Taking responsibility for a robot, giving him command and taking care of its actions are making them develop different social skills. Also, this is teaching them to deal with failure. They are learning the right thing after several failures and developing zeal and patience while doing so.

Communication and Robotics

Communication is an ability that needs practice. With the help of robotics young people are developing interaction skills. Regardless of the ethnicity and language, students are communicating with Robots in the classroom. This is helping them to communicate across different social as well as the technological platform. Using of Robotics in the classroom is breaking the taboo that technology makes people socially impaired.

A few years ago we couldn’t even imagine about a classroom where robots are helping the learning procedure. But the world is changing and we are also evolving with it. Google classroom dragging the attention of students, e-books replacing the paper are the signs of a new Age. Technology can be the greatest gift ever, only if we use it properly. And robotics is an indication of new tomorrow.