“Go Code Free” Is the New Enterprise Slogan To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Brandcast is the first company to build a code-free Digital Experience Manager (DXM) for the business entities. They have announced the key factor behind the customer growth rate in its 2017 financial year.

Brandcast offers new improve technique to empower marketing strategies and also method. They first invented a new model that helps the marketing team to play their policy and operation. While on the other hand, it also cut off cost and bottlenecks by removing manual coding and content by the web developers.

Moreover, using the Brandcast’s DXM, the organization related to the marketing they can accelerate the web development. For a rough calculation, this technique will increase the chance of marketing by 50% or somewhat higher. Also, it will lower other expenses by reducing owner expenses by more than 50%.

In a recent study conducted by eConsultancy have revealed that for the client side marketers bottleneck is the main pain point. That can be caused by web development codes. In addition to that, another Forrester study stated that the problem is just being compounded. For a fact, the organizations are now managing an average of 268 customers facing websites.

After spending some years producing intensive and customer friendly products. Now Brandcast has successfully architected a cloud-based platform for a highly appreciated digital production experience.

In that way, management engaging in the global brands can meet the design and optimum performance standard by using the platform. While on the other hand, this completely eliminates the need for web development reducing the coding language.

Moreover, this platform also offers the marketing organization an end to end control over all kind of digital experience. For instance, prototyping, designing, production and even the management plans and design.

code free

Changing The Trend

The current approach to the marketers to make a strategy is nothing but only the digital presence. But Brandcasts brings an alternative to the marketers.

Now all the marketers are using the present trend as they don’t have the alternative to replace the existing system. Now they are using costly commercial Content Management System CMS, open source system or custom coded websites.

The old way of presenting solution binds the highly efficient marketing team with complex coding and designing web pages. That requires high technique and dedicated engineering resources. Which is time-consuming as well as highly costly to maintain.

Furthermore, the next generation DXM technique gives the marketer and designers a flexible way to manage their resources. It gives them a  key to the digital experience.

Brandcast enjoys all types of digital record they reach all the corner of the organization. For instance, sales, conversion of the new users and also the digital experience published on the platform. They all got hit in the last year.

Not only that, with this advancement they enjoyed the old customer retention rate. Over 90% of the old customers have renewed their subscription with them. So last year was good, with this high integrated DXM services. Along with this achievements, they are rolled out with the growing demands of code-free DXM Solution.

Digital Transformation

Multiple Organizations That Took Up The Trend

With Brandcast platform a giant retail brand has already committed to design their website and also manage the same using the features and techniques of the platform. They are about the build around 10000 websites for their over 7000 customers using the Brandcast platform.

Multiple global real estate companies are also using the same platform to build their website. Due to only one reason, this is code free and managing the same is less hectic. They are using the platform for creating hundreds of property listing sites for their clients.

Even a corporate level Hospitality company also selected Brandcast platform to create their website. Mentioning and designing the services they offer and the list of thing they do also provide. With all these, it’s a real masterpiece for them to try this platform and build the website code-free.

Multiple pharmaceutical companies also adopt this platform to build their website and also generating marketing strategies to boost up the sales for most of their popular clients.

Even the global corporate firms are using the same platform to create a website to add details of the events related to corporate hosting events for their valuable customers.

The marketing technology has evolved day by day from every aspect of digital marketing. However, the main component is static for instance, branded business website and digital experience.

Marketers are willing to change the lope and shift entirely to the code free zone of marketing and branding website. Most importantly, even the customers are investing their cases to the platform.

So now talented skillful creative marketers and designers are unleashed to form greater content for their website by using this platform.