Top 5 High Paying Programming Languages You Can Learn in 2018

With the advances in the field of science and technology, the importance of software development is also rising. In the field of software development, programming languages keep emerging and disappearing. But, there’s one thing that you can’t deny in regards to these programming languages – The constant need to learn these programming languages for developers.

There are a number of ways to determine the fame of programming languages. One of the best ways to determine this is by studying the job demands of the programming languages.

Here is the list of the top 5 High paying and in-demand programming languages for learning in 2018.

1. Python


With the hike up in the machine learning, Python was arguably one of the best programming languages in 2017. While there have been other languages rising and buzzing, Python has shown no indication of subsiding. Rather, the salary figures in the IT Jobs Watch is estimated to be around 55,000 pounds per annum.

Data scientists with firm knowledge and hold on Python earn a considerable amount of money. According to John Grant, the director of IT Jobs Watch, Python has a strong data and analytics authorization with a wide range of battle-hardened modules for machine language.

Python is a versatile language. And it is constantly being used by the web developers. Hence the demand for Python in the software development is on the high and developers looking to earn big and learn a new programming language, Python is the one to go for. Python is frequently requested in jobs for software engineers and DevOps engineers.

2. Java

Java continues to remain the backbone of the software business. Moreover, the study says that the demand for Java actually keeps going up rather than down.

The mega multinational companies tend to prefer Java over the other programming languages. The demand and skill requirement for Java Programming Language is so high that there are more jobs available than the individuals working. So the bottom line is: Java is not getting any older.

The interested candidates can learn the basics of this programming language through online classes. Also, with the recent launch of Java 9, its demand is unlikely to diminish anytime soon.

According to the programming Q&A hub of StackOverflow, Java was the most in-demand programming language for the businesses in UK and Ireland in the second half of 2017.

Therefore, the likelihood of Java to remain in high demand throughout 2018 is pretty high. The annual wage offering for Java in IT Job Watches is about 55,000 pounds.

3. Kotlin – An Alternative for Java Programming




Kotlin has been entertaining the Java developers by providing them with an alternate and modern language. It is easy to learn and is quite easily implemented by the developers.

Kotlin has received high praise from top engineers of Netflix in recent times. It is described as providing some of the best features of other languages. Additionally, it also offers to exchange of information with Java.

The demand for Kotlin started to rise when Google announced that it was an officially supported language on Android and is capable of running in a wide range of platforms alongside the Android handsets.

Indeed, Kotlin is a relatively new programming language and any company is unlikely to demand a pure Kotlin developer. However, any Java developer with the skill of Kotlin programming language mentioned in their resume will instantly stand out among their competitors. Your career can skyrocket when you can show your skills in programming languages that others can’t. Furthermore, the estimated salary in IT Jobs Watch is reportedly 65,000 pounds per annum.

4. R – Data & Statistical Language

The next language in this segment that is steered by the demand for machine learning language is R. It is a data processing and statistical analysis language.

Though this language has been around for decades, it is starting to gain popularity today. Data scientists use its enormous number of data analytics library to build on statistical models.

The sudden change in demand for R reflects the change in the idea of perception of the company. This highlights a transformation in the approach of the companies about how they want to use the data.

We are slowly getting to the point where the emphasis is to be on the forward use of the data. Hence, this is where the use of R language has a big role to play.

R is in demand after appearing in several job adverts. These jobs appear in the Job ads for machine learning, software engineers, and data-wares. The approximate salary offerings from IT Jobs Watches is around 60,000 pounds per annum.

5. Go – Google’s Programming Language



The Go language is used for the modern computing age which is optimized for running on multicore processors and network systems. In 2009, Google released Go as an experiment in 2009, but today it helps run some of the biggest web properties for Google.

Go is usually requested as a job skill in the job ads for DevOps engineers. Although it is also needed for software engineers and stack developer.

With high demands, comes the high salary offers too. There is a big salary in the offering to the developers who work as DevOps scientists and data scientists. The wage cap for IT Watch Jobs is around 62,500 pounds per annum.

Wrapping Up

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages and is icing on the cake for the developers worldwide. But, with the new and beneficial releases of Python, it has made it to the top of this list. Apart from these above-mentioned languages, it is important to stay aware of others such as Rust and Swift. These promise to make it to the list anytime soon.

Moreover, for a promising career in development, you must know every programming language. Why miss a chance to impress your employer and stand out amidst others?