Why is JavaScript The Best Programming Language to Learn for Future?

With the change in industries, there have been considerable changes in programming languages too. New programming languages are making way by and large. Competitors like Python and C, C++ are creating quite an impact in the digital world. However, JavaScript is still the king of all programming language. It is surely the future of the computer matrix.


20 years down the lane, JavaScript is surely going to prove its unbeatable efficiency and UX. It is true that quite a few companies are using separate ones but one should really look forward to JavaScript.

Best Features Of JavaScript

Let us see, how it differs from other computer languages. Before that, there are a few things you should consider before choosing a language.

  • Changing programming language will incur a change in the infrastructure, employees, and cost.
  • A thorough check of the flaws of a programming language is necessary. PHP is not good with the performance but is easy to work with. The language should have a strong database and technical qualities to serve your needs.
  • Check for popularity. Popularity will show you how many people are currently learning it. For example, Java language is quite popular in the enterprises while Kotlin is better for Androids.

How Is JavaScript Different From Others?

  1. Easy to Learn- Firstly,  JavaScript is less difficult in comparison to others. It has a simplified syntax and has no bias. Hence, the learner can write a code in the most comfortable way. In addition, you can worry less about variable assignments and data structures. The generated results of codes are easy to read and execute.
  2. JavaScript serves multiple purposes– It is versatile because it is helpful for server processing and analyzing web front-ends. This is helpful for learning advanced tools.
  3. Coders of JavaScript are in high demand– Because of its efficiency, programmers and professionals trained in Java language are hired worldwide. The average pay salary is pretty high as well.

How Is JavaScript Versatile?

  • One should learn it for making advanced tool because the only JavaScript can create a variety of web front-ends. In addition, it can be used for backdoor server processing and it is better than complex languages like PHP and ASP.
  • JavaScripts are now used in Androids and iOS system apps. Webs are also dependent on them.
  • One can create desktop apps using JavaScripts. The user can export and maintain web app with least efforts. Some examples are Visual Studio Code and Discord apps.
  • Bots and API tools- GitHub comes with a large number of ¬†JavaScript bots and you can make interesting tools out of it. Slack, Discord, PayPal are some tools.
  • With the help of Node.js, you can program drones to do simple tasks like flying, taking off etc.

Why JavaScript Has A Better Future?

Currently, ECMAScript, another version of JS, is aiming to improve the weakness of languages. ECMAScript is trying to simplify the language which defines the people. It is becoming more user-friendly. Desktop and Mobile apps are still written in JavaScript.

Since 2015, ECMAScript is updating to its variations. First came ES6/ES2015, then ES2016 and now ES2017. Soon, ES2018 will make its entry.

In other words, JavaScript is improving and adapting to the needs of the people. In addition to that, the web is also developing. Companies are making their own web portals and interface using this programming language. So this language will be in top for next few years.

How Learning A Language Is Easy?

Programming language comes in variety and serves specific purposes but with JavaScript, you get more benefits under one roof. Because of its versatility, many online and offline courses are teaching JavaScript. In fact, public platforms on the net are devoting videos to help students to learn the language.

JS is surely on top. Although specific search engines are unable to crawl and render JS, the site security is surely enhanced. The website is becoming more and more Js-friendly. So, mastering JS means mastering the web world.