Java, JavaScript and Python – Why You Should Learn These Coding Trio

Undoubtedly, Java holds still despite years of coding development. With this flexibility across multiple platforms, Java coding still remains at large. However, JavaScript is also tailing close while Python is capturing attention. To compare the three coding languages is going to be difficult.

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JetBrains recently published a report based on a Programming Ecosystem survey. The results, surprisingly, have been unexpected.

The survey was conducted among 6000 developers across 17 countries in order to determine the best coding language. In the process, the topic was covered as follows- programming language, development environments, database, and issue tracking.

The report has revealed the result as Java, JavaScript and Python are the most significantly used programming language in 2018.

There is Much More to The Coding Story!

However, Go is the most prominent language, although different developers used a modified version of it. As in most of the cases, 26% of the developer setup their GOPATH in almost all the project.

In that case, the top-notch Go frameworks include Gin, Beego, Echo, and Buffalo.  These are the top language under the framework that developers used. However, the idea of database usage is quite vague.

On the other hand, around 38% of the developers are not adopting any new programming language. The survey revealed the top programming languages that be on the 2017 hotlist were Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, TypeScript, and Kotlin.

JetBrains write programming language for many. The code for JVM, Android, and Browsers. After Google has announced that it is going to add Kotlin to Android in May 2017, the native got immense popularity.

JDK & Kotlin are Winning The Race, Too!


coding languages


The report has also revealed that almost 75% of the developers use JDK version of the Kotlin language. To be precise, JDK 8 is the most commonly used version.

Around 48 % of the developers are using the Android Oreo version as this is the most popular version for writing codes.

Also, approximately 13% of the developers are using Kotlin JS types, 54 per cent of the developers are using the language for not more than 6 months. And around 49 per cent of the developers is using the language as an option.

While another 48% of the developers are using the Kotlin. The best part is they have decided to use Kotlin as their primary coding language (which is great).

Cloud Storage Suddenly Got Popular

The report has also revealed that developers are shifting from self-hosted and on-premises methods to the cloud providers. For instance, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc. have gained immense popularity as a code storage facility.

According to JetBrains, experts predict that over the coming next years and so the local and private hosting servers will drop by 11 per cent and 6 per cent.

The report also includes other findings too.

Around 35% of the developers use coding for both Android and iOS programming purpose. While on the other hand, when it comes to developing for the mobile platform, 72% of the developers are known to use native tools. However, another 43% uses the cross-platform and technology and framework.